The Shadow Process Miami
September 14-16, 2018
SEPTEMBER 14-16, 2018 // MIAMI
A magnificent future awaits...

The Shadow Process is a life-changing 3 day in-person journey that leaves you basking in the light of your magnificence and dancing in the delight of liberation and possibilities!

It is a proven process designed to support you in releasing what’s been holding you back so you can reclaim your self-confidence, joy and energy and live a life of purpose, passion and potential.
"I have been doing personal development work for over 20 years...The Shadow Process was so special because it really felt like a gift I was giving was super special!"
Dr. Joy Martina, PhD - Asheville, NC
Intuitive Psychologist
Bestselling Author of Sleep Your Fat Away
Described by participants as: “The last workshop you will ever need.” “The greatest gift I’ve ever given myself,” or “The BEST choice you will ever make for the investment of YOU!” The Shadow Process delivers life-changing results! Providing a safe and loving environment for self-exploration, you will be guided every step of the way to:
  •   Uncover the shadows that keep you joyless, stuck, and berating yourself with negative self-talk and doubt
  •   Heal your shame and guilt, experience profound self-forgiveness and reclaim your worthiness and right to have an
      amazing life
  •   Embrace the power of your authentic self
  •   Own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy, and success
  •   Heal your heart from painful relationships
  •   Learn to unconditionally love and accept all that you can be
  •   Make peace with your past and the issues that keep you from experiencing your brilliance and take a quantum leap
  •   Connect with your highest self and stand powerfully in a future fueled by your love, your confidence, your passion, and
      your truth
  •   Unlock the door to that “something more” you have been yearning for…more abundance, health, intimacy, fulfillment,
      passion, and success in your life
You have the power and we have the tools, teachings, and techniques to shift your consciousness, patterns and behaviors and to revolutionize the way in which you love and live your life!

This truly is the beginning of anything you want!
"It's fascinating that everytime that I come to The Shadow see where we start on Friday, Saturday and where we end on Sunday is's beyond words...mind blowing!"
Vincent Scotto - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
Founder and CEO of the Vincent J Salon
The Inception:

New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford created The Shadow Process more than 15 years ago. Out of a deep longing to share the process that had finally changed her own life after decades of fantasizing about the person she wanted to be but that she never truly believed she would turn into. Her desire to love who she was on every level led her to search through every form of self-help and psychology that she could find at the time, but no matter how many days passed or how many tears she cried, she never seemed to attain the magical transformation she was looking for. Lucky for all of us she also never gave up her dream about finding and becoming that "something more!"
"Debbie Ford blazed a path into a part of human existence that few dare to even acknowledge exists, and then opened the door to a healed life that leads beyond where so many even dare to dream."

- Gregg Braden, 4x New York Times bestselling author

“Debbie Ford inspired, comforted, and fueled me to continue growing and aligning myself with my life purpose. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her compassionate wisdom in the ways she did.”

- Alanis Morissette, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter

“Debbie Ford's work with the shadow was some of the most transformative and important on the planet. I've taken the Shadow Process workshop myself and highly recommend it to everyone I know.”

- James Twyman, author of Emissary of Light
Debbie finally discovered that her greatness didn’t come from fixing herself. It didn’t come from eliminating parts of herself or burying them deep inside. Instead, it came from embracing herself – all of herself: the “good” and the “bad,” “positive” and “negative,” “acceptable” and unacceptable.” The self of her dreams emerged the day she found out that there was gold hidden in her darkness, light hiding in her bad behavior and power hidden in the traumas of her past.
"The Shadow Process...has been transformative, it was what I was looking was the answer. It's a safe space...the deeper you go and more trusting of the process...the more possibilities that will open up for your life...its powerful beyond words!"
Shakira Taylor - Sunrise, FL
First Lady of Universal Truth Center,
Certified Speaker & Mentor
Debbie realized her job was not to get rid of all that she perceived to be wrong or bad about herself but in fact the opposite was true. It was her job to take her most human self and transform into her most extraordinary self. When she fell deeply in love with her flawed self, she was able to return to being a whole, happy, silly, loving, passionate, and worthy woman. It was then she finally knew what true love really felt like, not a love that requires another human being but a love that can only be found by having a loving, trusting and respectful relationship with oneself. It was only then that she could experience a life beyond her wildest dreams.

The path to the love that she discovered, the process that she went through, is what you will experience in The Shadow Process.
"Kelley took us through a process learning about who we are and what things in ourself we have held in. We push things down…especially for guys. This process just released everything…I feel like I am 100 lbs lighter internally. I feel like I have positive control of my life now. I would highly recommend this to anyone, any age or any walk of life. The biggest person I did forgive was…myself."
Ken Beam - Dallas, TX
CEO of Pegasus Logistics Group
Today, The Shadow Process, is led by Kelley Kosow, the author of The Integrity Advantage, a motivational speaker, and the Chief Executive Officer of the highly acclaimed Ford Institute. Kelley continues the legacy of the New York Times bestselling author and thought leader, the late Debbie Ford, and leads the development and teachings of The Ford Institute’s transformational programs to thousands of people across the globe. Known as a “kick-ass coach” to high-level executives, change makers, and celebrities committed to personal transformation, Kelley blends her quick wit, laser sharp insight, and relentless compassion to help people upgrade their lives on a cellular level.

There are regular breaks given throughout the day. Participants are required to be available for each full session because it is a progressive process, and it also maintains the experience of a sacred, supportive space for everyone.

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Unconcealing: Turning the Lights On

2:00 pm – 5:30 pm General Session

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm Dinner Break

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm General Session

Owning:  From Resistance to Acceptance

9:30 am - 12:30 pm General Session

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch Break

2:00 pm - 5:30 pm General Session

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm Dinner Break

7:15 pm - 9:30 pm General Session

Embracing: Finding the Gifts of the Shadow

9:00 am – 12:30 pm General Session

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch Break

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm General Session

“I didn’t have any expectations of what I would uncover, but as fast as the first night I knew there was something big. In the morning...I woke up...and everything started to flood out. I uncovered something that has held me back for such a long time. It was pretty amazing from day 1! By the end you are so excited to have taken everything back. I really feel that I could let everything go...that I was free!"
Linda M. Perry - Chicago, IL
Attorney, Mediator, Branding Specialist and
 Certified Integrative Coach Professional
“My first Shadow Process…absolutely blew my mind…it was like 10 years of therapy in 3 days! It helped me realize that what I was missing was a relationship with myself."
Julie Bishop - Stockbridge, MA
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
#1 International Bestselling Author
of Thrive Anyway
The Ford Institute empowers and awakens individuals and organizations throughout the world by offering unique training and educational programs that transform lives. We provide our students and clients with the tools, perspectives, knowledge, and coaching that allow them to develop authentic, abundant, joyful, and fully integrated lives.

Our students and clients have a strong desire to expand their horizons personally, professionally, and spiritually while seeking to contribute back to the betterment of the world.

Employing a highly effective, leading-edge approach based on integrity, authenticity, and clear, direct communication, The Ford Institute offers a variety of personal development courses, professional coaching training, and corporate programs. Our students and clients have a strong desire to expand their horizons personally, professionally, and spiritually while seeking to contribute back to the betterment of the world.

The Ford Institute leadership team was personally selected and trained by Debbie Ford. She personally led thousands of people from around the world through her renowned Shadow Process Workshop before training her staff to take her place and carry this work forward in the world.

Kelley Kosow is the Chief Executive Officer and Program Leader of The Ford Institute, a motivational speaker, and the author of The Integrity Advantage.

"Kelley is funny, tender, diamond bright and fearless in demanding the best from us." ~ Ruth, United Kingdom

"Kelley is fiercely devoted to the work and to your transformation. She has a deep understanding of transformational concepts and this shows as soon as she steps on the stage. I feel extremely grateful to call her a mentor and teacher." ~ James, California

"An amazing role model, leader and coach, Kelley believes, lives, and breathes what she teaches and is an example of the impeccable standards and expectations of The Ford Institute." ~ Deborah, Ohio
Julie Stroud is President and Chief Operating Officer of The Ford Institute, a shadow expert, coach, consultant, and trainer who expertly guides individuals and organizations to discover and experience new realities and extraordinary possibilities.

"Julie is a pillar for transformation. Honest yet compassionate, she will ask you questions that no one else will." ~ Sharon, Montreal

"Julie's professionalism, dedication and passion for this work shines through everything she does. She sets the bar high for me to follow. She lives and breathes this work and it’s inspiring. Her heart shines through all she does." ~ Mark, New York

"Julie is a very special soul. I admire her integrity, gentleness, sincerity, and humility. With a heart of gold, a hand of support, and a dedication that gets things done, she creates a tremendous amount of safety for growth." ~ Jennifer, Minnesota
We will provide details about the venue to workshop registrants when the details are finalized. A limited number of discounted rooms will be available for a limited time for Shadow Process registrants.
Is there anything I need to bring?
We suggest you bring a journal. Other than that we take care of everything else. All you need to bring is willingness and trust in the process!
What should I wear?
You want to dress comfortably throughout the weekend. We also suggest you bring layers since some meeting rooms can vary in temperature and we want you to be comfortable.
Are accommodations and meals included in workshop fee?
For The Shadow Process, accommodations are not included in the workshop fee but we do secure a discounted block of rooms for a limited time at the workshop venue.

We strongly recommend that you stay at the workshop hotel. This will enable you to stay in the process instead of jumping into cabs and navigating your way to another place in between sessions and at the end of each day. It is also imperative that you be on time to all of workshop sessions in order to make the most out of your weekend as well as to respect the process for other participants. If you do choose to stay offsite at home, with friends or family members, please know that to deepen your process we suggest that you stay in silence during breaks, including overnight breaks, so we suggest that you let your friends and family know this is advance so that you can be supported to stay in your process.

Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch are included in the workshop fee. Breakfast is not, so you will need to take care of that on your own.
What if I have special dietary needs?
When you register, you will be asked to indicate whether you want regular meals or vegetarian gluten-free meals and we will invite you to select your specific meals about one month before the workshop.

Since we use hotel catering, our capacity for supporting other dietary restrictions is limited. If you have additional dietary restrictions based on health, not preference, we can consult with the hotel chef on whether we are able to accommodate your needs.
Who will be there?
Men, women, couples, families, from age 16 to 76 attend. From CEOs to stay at home parents, from students to retirees, participants vary in terms of career and stages of life. Some are new to the conversation of shadow and some are more familiar with it. The commonality is that they come seeking something more. Whether it is to shift some behavior that is limiting or hurting them, to feel more deeply, to heal their heart, to become unstuck, to regain their confidence, to step into new level of worthiness, or to learn more about themselves, people come with a willingness and wanting and they leave deeply moved and radically changed.

There will also be staff and assistants from The Ford Institute who are there to lead and support you every step of the way.
Is there support during the weekend?
YES. The staff and assistants are all Certified Integrative Coaches and we are available to support the group and individuals throughout the weekend. The number of assistants is based on enrollment and the ratio is approximately one assistant for every eight participants.
How many people generally come to the workshop?
Enrollment varies. It can be as small as 45 people and as large as 75+. Regardless of the size, we have been trained to create and maintain a safe, supportive and nurturing space so you can focus on your own process and receive the best results.
What do I need to do to prepare?
Once you register, you’ll want to fill out the profile we send you and read “The Dark Side of The Light Chasers” by Debbie Ford which is required reading. We highly recommend that you truly give yourself the gift of this experience by taking the time to create a structure that supports you in staying in your process. For example, it is important to unplug during the workshop so prepare by letting your friends, family, and business associates know that you won’t be as readily available by phone, text, or email! The bottom line is that we are all good at staying busy in our external worlds. For this workshop you want to create the space to really connect with your internal world.
Who leads your live events?
CEO and Program Leader Kelley Kosow leads The Ford Institute’s live events. Kelley has been on staff and led the programs for many years, and was personally trained and chosen by Debbie to lead The Shadow Process.
What happens?
The Shadow Process is an amazing three-day journey from the dark to the light. It was brilliantly designed by Debbie Ford and is considered one of the most effective and highly respected transformational workshops of our time.

Our work is very experiential. Based on the foundational concepts that "your head cannot take you where your heart longs to go" and “all your answers are inside of you,” Leader Kelley Kosow introduces many different aspects of the shadow and our work and coaches live. These powerful discussions are followed by unique exercises and interactive processes that create an experience of transformation on a deep and cellular level. They support you in dropping below the level of your mind and the trap of your ego so you can access your deep inner wisdom in new and enlightening ways, shift your perceptions, and break free of unconscious limitations that have driven your choices and behaviors.

The group dynamic is also an invaluable catalyst for change. There is sharing privately between participants and with the group on a voluntary basis. Participants see themselves in other people’s sharing and the sharing serves as a catalyst for deep insight and connection that lasts well after the workshop officially ends. There is also time for your own journaling to help you integrate the insights you receive. The entire weekend is a beautifully choreographed, progressive journey so when you leave on Sunday, you will be amazed by your new perspectives and feelings of freedom, joy, and empowerment.
Can I attend with a family member?
Absolutely! We have had spouses, partners, parents and children, siblings, families, blended families, co-workers, and friends attend. We will give you instructions to sit separately for most of the weekend so you can focus on your own process and we will guide you to sit together for particular exercises that will deepen your relationship and your process.
“What’s going to take place here is a miracle...this work saved my life. I have gone through The Shadow Process three times and each time I get another’s worth it!"
Shari Coltune - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Practitioner
and Certified Integrative Coach Professional
"I went to my first Shadow Process, and that was in 2010 and I just knew that this is what I needed to do. I left there with such lightness...such a freedom within...I knew I had a choice...that I knew I could make changes. I shifted my health. I dropped 50 lbs and changed all my relationships. It really came down to that I changed the relationship with myself. Everything has shift in way I didn’t think were possible."
Kim Giglio - Riverside, NJ
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
and Certified Yoga Instructor
For help registering or if you have any other questions please contact us:


Phone: 1-800-780-9198

Phone (Outside the US): +1-310-818-4110
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